What clients are saying

"Beth's knowledge about the world of fitness & understanding preventive care is beyond any other fitness trainers that I've met. "

Alex H.

"Beth's an excellent trainer! She keeps the workouts fun and challenging while working with your current fitness level."

Johanna Z.

"Beth is a wonderful and patient trainer. She's fun to work with (which, believe me, makes ALL the difference) and is extremely knowledgable about her craft too."

Julie S.

This is Bob!

Bob is 72 years old and has peripheral neuropathy and needs to exercise in order to slow down the progression of this disorder. Some of the best exercises for peripheral neuropathy include balance, aerobics and stretching.It's never too late to start your fitness journey!

This is Jim!

Jim is 80 years old and is still training after having 2 strokes and having his shoulder completely reconstructed. Keeping your muscles strong and maintaining regular movement helps to reduce pain and to prevent further injury. It's never too late to start your fitness journey!