How to Set Up Your Own Home Gym

August 31, 2020

These days, having a home gym is especially appealing due to current sanitary and economic issues. Building your home gym doesn’t need to be a costly endeavor and can allow you the flexibility to work out on your own time. People working from home, stay at home moms and dads, or people with unique schedules can exercise when they want to with the correct tools and space. Whether you’re working out independently or following an exercise program, these basic tools will help you to maximize your at-home workouts.

Exercise Mat (Average Price $15-$30+ based on brand)

An exercise mat allows you the extra cushion to protect your body from hardwood flooring or carpeting! Exercise mats make floor exercises and yoga much more comfortable (with less slipping!) and also protects your flooring from heavy weights, shoes and other wear and tear. It allows a dedicated area for your workouts and can also be used for reference during exercises to determine foot and hand placement.

Resistance Bands (Average Price $10-$20)

Resistance bands allow you small but mighty ways to push yourself to the next level without the extra space or cost! Resistance bands can be used to tighten and tone your glutes, allow for weight training without the weights, and are an all-around multifunctional tool.

Resistance Band Tubes (Average Price $20-$50, generally sold as kits)

Resistance band tubes are another great way to save space while still allowing for heavy lifts. The denser the tube, the stronger the resistance. These resistance bands can resemble weights and generally range from 10 LBS to 50 LBS and multiple tubes can be combined to increase the weight resistance.

TRX Suspension Bands (Average Price $40-$90)

With suspension bands, body weight is QUEEN! Use your own body weight to strengthen your triceps, biceps, core and so much more! Suspension bands are another very versatile tool that allow you to utilize your own weight to build muscle.

Weights (Average Price $5-$40 for single dumbbells, $100+ for adjustable dumbbells)

Having light, medium and heavy weights are great for a multitude of reasons and exercises. Light weights can add some strength training to cardio or HIIT exercises. Medium and heavy weights allow you to target a variety of different muscle groups. You can purchase dumbbells at multiple weights or you can purchase adjustable dumbbells with weight plates.

Kettlebell (Average Price $15-$60 based on weight/material)

A kettlebell is another versatile tool for weight training and HIIT exercises. You can use a kettlebell in replacement of a dumbbell, use them to add weight to your floor exercises, to add weight to your squats and so much more! You can have a variety of different weights based on your personal preference, strength and exercise goals.

Foam Roller (Average price $7-$30, based on quality and brand)

Goodbye painful muscles!!! Foam rolling can help to prevent injuries and can help to increase flexibility! Foam rolling allows increased blood flow and relaxes tight muscles. Foam rolling every day is an integral part of your exercise routine! Want to learn more about how to foam roll properly? See our instructional YouTube Video here!

The items listed above are great tools to provide a great full body workout, and you can build your home gym from $100-$400+ based on your needs and space. Find a corner of your office, bedroom, living room or basement to store your equipment. If you have a room to dedicate to becoming your home gym, consider more permanent equipment like a treadmill or a stationary bicycle, add motivational imagery to your walls and a mirror to check your form.

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