Foam Rolling 101

September 4, 2020

Why should you foam roll? The benefits of foam rolling are numerous! From muscle soreness to blood flow, foam rolling is a beneficial process to add to your exercise routine. Foam rollers come in multiple shapes and sizes based on the needs, from smooth, softer foam rollers to deep tissue foam rollers.

Why should you include foam rolling? Rolling out your muscles can alleviate soreness from exercise or stress. After a long day sitting at a desk or walking around Disneyland, break out your foam roller to give those sore muscles some love. Foam rolling also reduces the lactic acid that causes muscle inflammation and encourages muscle recovery after strenuous exercise.

Prone to exercise injuries? Use foam rolling to prevent injury by lengthening muscles and reducing the tightness. No more “throwing out your back” due to tight muscles! Foam rolling can increase blood flow, elasticity of muscle and connective tissue, and those creaky joints! It can even help to make your legs smoother by temporarily reducing the appearance of cellulite. Overall, regular foam rolling will make your body feel great!

Want to know more about how to foam roll? Please see our YouTube video for a step by step foam rolling exercise that takes just 10 minutes!